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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

Often times I think to myself “I could just say fuck you, right now, hang up and walk out of my job.” Sometimes the stupidity I have to put up with just doesn’t feel worth it. Alas, I need to pay my bills and I’d like to avoid having to admit in my next interview that I was fired because I broke down due to some thick headed nitwit who can’t figure out why they can’t log in when clearly there is a typo in their username.

I never used to think I was a patient person. Apparently I am.

To get some background info, I work for a directory and we have two different types of clients. There are the clients that pay us directly to be listed, and then there are the people who are looking to hire our clients. I am the Customer Relations Manager for this company, but because it’s a small start-up company that just means I’m a glorified receptionist with a lot more responsibility.

I went on vacation for a few days, and planned it over a long weekend so I would miss as few actual work days as possible. One of our website developers decided to answer the phones for me while I was gone. Apparently this was a huge mistake as one of our new clients who wanted to be listed in the directory freaked out on her for some reason or another and in the end made her cry.

When I got back everyone told me that I am never to leave, ever, again.

I must be a patient person.

Welcome to my blog of the craziest customer support stories, or just me ranting about how stupid some people can be.

You can call me Dax.

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